Health and Safety


Safety is fundamental to everything USystems do – we believe that excellence in the management of health and safety is an essential element within its overall business plan. Good health and safety record goes hand in hand with high productivity and quality standards. Our talented and dedicated people are the most important asset to this company, and therefore we are totally committed to ensuring their health, safety and welfare at all times.



USystems strive to create an environment that allows all of our staff to feel safe and secure in every way. Inspire empathetic and passionate behaviour awarding culture, enabling every member of staff to feel valued and supported to achieve their goals and ambitions.    



USystems utilise the ADDIE method of on going in house training for all roles. We follow these five steps

  • Analysis: Assessing what our employees need to know in order to successfully do their jobs.
  • Design: Determine what our on-the-job training program will look like
  • Development: Establish methods, resources, and materials that will be in our training program
  • Implementation: Decide who/when/how we will implement our training program
  • Evaluation: Get feedback so we can know if our training met both our and our employees’ needs
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