Rows of data cabinets in a data center, with a computer monitor on wheels in the middle of the data corridor

Why do data centers need cooling?

Data centers are advanced, specialised buildings that house important server equipment that allow  businesses to access and transfer their important data. With the demand for instant data transfer constantly rising,…
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Rows of server racks in a data center

Who makes the best server racks?

Good server racks are vital to the smooth running of a data center or server room. Server racks (also known as server cabinets, data racks or data cabinets) house the…
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A close up image of cables from a micro data center

The benefits of Edge Micro Data Centers

With the increased demand for instant data transfer in our homes and offices, data is taking longer to reach its destination. Most businesses and organisations today rely on large outsourced…
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An artistic diagram of The Cloud sharing cloud data to various devices, over a picture of a data corridor in a data center

What is EDGE data?

Edge data, or edge computing, is designed to bring data storage and computation solutions closer to the location of where the data is being gathered and used. Edge data centers…
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A professional woman with a laptop working in a data center

Why do businesses need data centers?

You may not have heard of data centers before or understand their function, but almost every business and organisation today uses one. If you have ever ordered a product online,…
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