an illustrated diagram of devices connecting via cloud computing

How data centers enable cloud computing

Many online processes today would not be possible without cloud computing. By remotely accessing data centers, businesses and consumers can rapidly access, process and share complex data with one another….

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image of a data center overlaid with lines of code

The future of data center cooling

Data centers often come under fire for their high energy consumption, and people often question whether or not a sustainable future for data centers is possible. In the past, data…

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An engineer working on a micro data center

The benefits of Edge computing

Edge computing can be very beneficial to businesses that are experiencing problems with latency but do not have access to their own full-size data center. By introducing a local, self-sufficient…

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What is ColdLogik?

ColdLogik from USystems provides innovative, precise and award-winning cooling solutions for data centers of all types and all sizes. ColdLogik [cooling systems] are at the forefront of modern data center…

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Image of a data center

What is a data center?

A data center is a physical location utilised by businesses and organisations to house computing and networking equipment for the purpose of collecting, storing and delivering shared applications and data….

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engineers working in a data center

The importance of Data Centers

Ever since the internet became part of our daily lives, data centers have become more and more important for both businesses and individuals alike. Real-time data transmission is now a…

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data racks in a HPC data center

Cooling solutions for HPC

High Performance Computing (or HPC) is at the heart of many major scientific and technological breakthroughs. The ability to process quadrillions of calculations per second enables groundbreaking discoveries to be…

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What are the types of data centers

What are the types of data centers?

In simple terms, a data center is a specialist facility housing high-end computing equipment that businesses use to store and process their critical data. In the modern data age, most…

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a woman working at a data center

Keeping a data center soundproof

It is well known that data centers generate high amounts of heat and cooling solutions are vital to keeping a data center running properly. However, data centers can also generate…

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a close up image of internet cables

How to deal with latency

Delays in data transfer, known as latency, can affect businesses and consumers alike. Latency is the measure of how long it takes your computer and the internet to respond to…

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InRow Cooling

What is In Row cooling?

A robust and efficient cooling solution is vital to the running of any data center. There are a variety of methods that can be employed to keep data center equipment…

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Who benefits from high performance computing

As the name suggests, high performance computing describes computing solutions that are capable of processing huge amounts of data at incredibly high speeds, performing quadrillions of calculations per second. High…

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