USpace 4210 Comms and Data Center Racks


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The USpace 4210 is a premium cabinet range from USystems. Smart design and state of the art manufacturing facilities guarantees unbeatable quality, style and innovation associated with USystems and their IT frames.

Doors are available in AirTech vented steel with 80% airflow, AirTech ‘V’ vented steel up to 86% airflow, glass or solid steel.

AirTech vented wardrobe doors are suitable for narrow aisles and can also accommodate upgraded security locking.

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The doors have locking swing handles as standard and hinge opening with fast but secure lift off capability. Numeric combination lock with key override and the UTelligent audit trail locking system is available in one, two or three point locking options where additional security is required.

Side panels have cam locks with bottom pins for quick and easy location. Sliding side panels are available as an option for bayed cabinets, as are side panels with brush inserts to enable cabling to transition from rack to rack.

Standard specification

4210 standardspec

Standard specification

Comprising of four corner posts, top and bottom end frame, depth support rails, front and rear 19” mounting angles, front infill panels (800w models), swing handle lockable front and rear door (available in a combination of options), lockable side panels (brush inserted or solid sliding panels are available options for bayed cabinets), vented top cover and a set of four transport castors.

  • 3307.0lbs/1500kg load bearing
  • 1102.31lbs/500kg dynamic load rating*
  • 5 heights, 2 widths, 4 depths as standard
  • Rigid bolted construction
  • Superior venting standard door with 80% airflow
  • Superior venting ‘V’ door with 86% airflow option
  • Multi depth mounting
  • Multi cable access through top and base
  • Quick release cladding
  • Left or right hand hinged doors
  • Lockable side panels
  • ColdLogik compliant
  • Co-location models
  • Houses all major server brands

Standard range

4210 standardrange

Multi functional cabinet sizes with standard cladding

HeightsAvailable WidthsAvailable Depths footprint/with cladding

Materials and finish


1.2mm &1.5mm CR4 steel

AirTech, glass and steel doors

1.0mm, 1.2 & 2.0mm CR4 steel

4.0mm toughened clear glass

Side panels

1.0mm & 1.2mm CR4 steel

Top cover

1.2mm CR4 steel

Depth support rails

1.5mm CR4 steel

Mounting angles

2.0mm CR4 steel

Infills for 800w

1.5mm CR4 steel


RAL 9005

Light grey

RAL 7035
Option with extended lead time

Polyester semi gloss powder coat

(Other colour options are available on request)

Cabinet manufactured to IEC 60297-3 and EIA STD 310 for panels and racks housing electronic equipment.

Door options

4210 glassdoor 1
Glass door
4210 perforatedVdoor 1
Perforated ‘V’ door (86% airflow)
4210 perforateddoor 1
Perforated door (80% airflow)
4210 wardrobedoor
Wardrobe door
4210 solidsteeldoor
Solid steel door

Locking options

4210 swinglock
Locking cast swing handle as standard
4210 combilock 1
Combination key override swing handle option.
4210 proximityreader
Proximity smart card/fob reader
Locking BG
Electronic intelligent locking with various readers and styles

Combination key override swing handle option. This handle allows users to upgrade the door locking from a standard key locking swing handle to a 3 digit mechanical combination handle with key override facility. This allows users to set separate codes for different racks or locations or a group of racks for example. The key override facility means that 1 master key will still open all locks.

4210 locking door2

Cable management

600mm wide data comms cabinet

4210 cableman 600mm

800mm wide data comms cabinet

4210 cableman 800mm

Anti-air recirculation kits

It is universally understood that preventing hot air recirculating internally from the back of the data rack has many upsides, including prevention of hot spots and a reduction in energy consumption. The 5210 anti-air recirculation kit comprises vertical brush strip to each side of the 19” mounting angles and 2 x horizontal blanking panels above and below the 19” mounting angles.

To help achieve best practice—fit EaziBlank blanking panels into unused U spaces within the rack to help minimise hot air recirculation.

4210 air flow
4210 brushstrip
4210 Airflow

Enhanced airflow management can be achieved with the addition of 4210 brush strip sealing kits which create a seal to prevent hot air re-circulating to the front 19” plenum.

4210 EaziBlank panel
EaziBlank panels

Fitting 19” blanking or EaziBlank panels (and deploying rack air anti-recirculation kits) helps to avoid air mixing and recirculation within the rack space which in turn helps to maximise the cooling infrastructure effectiveness by delivering cool air to the equipment and not allowing it to bypass through empty U spaces.

Related products

Aisle containment

5210 Aisle ISO View.23 small

USystems Aisle Containment options comprise horizontal and vertical solutions (hot or cold) most of which can be retrofitted to existing data center scenarios even when cabinets are differing in height and or widths.

See the Aisle containment

CL20 rear cooler compliant cabinets

4210 related cl20

The USystems 4210 ColdLogik compliant cabinet is available in two heights 42U and 48U, two widths 600mm and 800mm and two depths 1000mm and 1200mm.

Cabinets have a special cooler direct mounting facility, AirTech ‘V’ mesh front door, externally locking side panels and front and rear mounting angles.

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