USpace 5210 Data Center Rack Solutions


5210 overview

The USpace 5210 Data Rack Solution is a premium comms cabinet range from USystems. Smart design and state of the art manufacturing facilities guarantees the unbeatable quality, style and innovation associated with USystems.

  • 3307.0lbs/1500kg Static load rating
  • *1653.5lbs/750kg Dynamic load rating
  • 3 heights, 2 widths, 2 depths as standard
  • Rigid bolted aluminium construction
  • Superior venting AirTech standard door with 80% airflow
  • Superior venting AirTech ‘V’ door with 86% airflow
  • Multi depth mounting with infinite adjustment rails
  • Multi cable access through top and base
  • Secure quick release cladding
  • Left or right hand hinged doors
  • Houses all major server brands
5210 overview

*Dynamic Load Rating is the total rolling mass of the rack and includes the rack frame, cladding and any fitted equipment and accessories and is subject to the load being evenly distributed at 20U height and below. Dynamic load relates to the movement of a rack within the same data center on a smooth floor clear of any obstacles. Not suitable for transportation on a vehicle when loaded to this weight.

Features and benefits

Server cabinet

5210 header right
Traditional Server cabinet set-up ideal for most projects and installations


5210 Features config cabinet

Standard Specification

Standard Specification

Comprising four sturdy aluminium corner posts, aluminium top and bottom frame, U height marked front and rear 19” mounting angles with tool-less and step-less adjustability, swing handle lockable front and rear door, secure side panels , brush access top cover and base skids.

5210 standardspec

Materials and finish


Extruded aluminium

AirTech, mesh steel doors

1.0mm, 1.2 & 2.0mm CR4 steel

Side panels

1.0mm & 1.2mm CR4 steel

Top cover

1.2mm CR4 steel

Mounting angles

2.0mm CR4 steel

Infills for 800w

1.5mm CR4 steel

Light grey

RAL 7035


RAL 9005
Option with extended lead time

Polyester semi gloss powder coat

(Other colour options are available on request)

FeatureIncluded as Standard
Colour (cladding)Grey  RAL 7035
Colour (internals e.g. rails, cable tray)Black RAL 9005
Rails19” centered, set back 130mm with 30.0”/750mm between rails.
U labelsFront and Rear
Frame (posts)4 Post
BaseTransport skids
Side panelsSecure quick release hinges
DoorsStandard flat mesh single (options V mesh door, Double mesh door)
Locking4 point (6 on wardrobe) with swing handle.
AccessoriesEarth kit, baying kit
Top coverSide brush to rear solid to front (in two panels)

Standard range

5210 Rack 'U' height42U47U52U
Width (600w)23.62"/600mm
Width (800w)31.50"/800mm
Depth options39.37"/1000mm or 47.24"/1200mm
Height on transport skids79.25"/2013mm80.03"/2236mm96.81"/2459mm
Height on castors82.0"/2082mm90.79"/2306mm99.53"/2528mm
Height on plinth82.64"/2099mm91.42"/2322mm100.20"/2545mm
Max rail space - plug in depth (PID)33.46"/850mm (39.37"/1000mm deep rack)
41.34"/1050mm (47.24"/1200mm deep rack)
Static load rating3307lbs/1500kg
Dynamic load rating*1653lbs/750kg
5210 range airtech
5210 with AirTech door
5210 range airtech v
5210 AirTech ‘V’ door
5210 range wardrobe
5210 with wardrobe doors

Door options

Light Grey or Black as standard

5210 door perfv
AirTech vented V door
(86% airflow)
5210 door perf
AirTech vented standard door
(80% airflow)
5210 door perfw2
AirTech wardrobe door

Locking options

4210 swinglock
Locking cast swing handle as standard
4210 combilock 1
Combination key override swing handle option.
4210 proximityreader
Proximity smart card/fob reader
Locking BG
Electronic intelligent locking with various readers and styles

Combination key override swing handle option. This handle allows users to upgrade the door locking from a standard key locking swing handle to a 3 digit mechanical combination handle with key override facility. This allows users to set separate codes for different racks or locations or a group of racks for example. The key override facility means that 1 master key will still open all locks.

4210 locking door2


It is best practice to fit blanking panels into unused U spaces within the rack to help minimise warm (equipment exhaust) air recirculation and to channel cool air through the 19” rails where the active equipment is installed. It’s also vitally important to minimise air recirculation and mixing at other points within the rack. Apart from through the 19” rail aperture, the other potential points of air recirculation / leakage within the rack are;

  • Above the top rack-mount space
  • Below the bottom rack-mount space
  • Left side of the front left 19” rail and side panel
  • Right side of the front right 19” rail and side panel
5210 antirecirculationframe detail
5210 antirecirculationframe

Managing the air within these areas can drive true performance improvements in a front-to-back cooled world. The USpace 5210 data center rack solution includes air anti-recirculation accessory kits which minimise air leakage from the 4 points mentioned above, resulting in increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

5210 baffle600
5210 baffle800

Cable management

5210 cableman jumperrings
5210 cablemanrack

Cable management

5210 cablemanoverview scaled

USpace 5210 Optical Rack Solution ‘ODF’

5210 ODF Config2
5210 ODF Cabinet

As demand grows for ever increasing bandwidth and richer content, so does the demand for high density fibre deployment within the main distribution area of the datacenter of your central office.

Internal ODF server cabinet view

5210 Features ODF cabinet

Standard build

5210 standardbuild
FeatureLeft moduleCenter moduleRight module
Grey RAL 7035
(internal rails)
Black RAL 9005
Side panelsLH onlyNoneRH only
RailsNone1 pair 19" centered,
set back 45mm
U labelsN/AFrontN/A
2 rear posts,
1 front LH post
2 rear posts,
2 mid posts
2 rear posts,
1 front RH post
BaseSkids, *Brush entry bottom panel
Heights42U, 47U, 52U
DoorsStandard flat mesh
single LH hinged
V mesh
LH hinged
Standard flat mesh
single RH hinged
Locking2 point
Rear panelPierced for adjustable cable spoolsSolidCable panel
Accessories supplied1 divider panel.
10 adjustable cable spools
10 large cable rings
TopBrush entry top panel
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