Horizontal aisle containment

Horizontal Aisle Containment significantly reduces the load on the CRAC units leading to significant savings in operating costs. Here at USystems with our data center cooling systems we can provide drop-out ceiling panels beneath the sprinklers, offering a visually uncluttered experience. Alongside this our horizontal containment comes with the option of state of the art manual and electronic data center doors.

5210 Aisle Perspective View.24 cropped
aisle cold
An example of the airflow in a cold aisle containment

  • Thermodynamically advantageous
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Cost effective
  • Low-maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modular
  • Retrofittable
  • Re-locatable

Horizontal aisle containment

Aisle Air Containment fully encases the corridor with a rigid enclosure which maximises the efficient use of cold air being fed in through the raised floor. The corridor remains light as light transmission (LUX) from the data center is let in through the lightweight transparent ceiling panels which have a transparency of an impressive 88%.

5210 Aisle view from below.7
5210 Aisle to show internal lighting V3.35
Clear and drop away tiles allow existing lighting to shine through – drop away tile shown above

Drop-Out Ceiling Panels beneath Sprinklers

Drop-out ceiling panels can be installed beneath fire sprinklers. When exposed to heat from a developing fire, drop-out ceiling panels soften, distort, and fall from the ceiling grid. Heat from the growing fire activates the sprinkler which, unimpeded by the panels, controls or extinguishes the fire.

Drop-out ceilings have several significant advantages:
  • They offer a visually uncluttered appearance.
  • They provide protection for the sprinklers - making them less prone to accidental knocks, tampering, and the potential water damage that can result.
  • They simplify sprinkler design at clouds and other design features as the sprinklers are located above the dropped ceiling.
  • They're cost effective as they eliminate the need to "drop" (lower) the sprinklers, make sprinkler positioning simple so installers only make one trip instead of two, allow for the use of less costly, non-appearance grade sprinklers, and eliminate the need for trim rings/escutcheons.

End of aisle door options

The sliding doors at either end of the aisle can be self closing and can be fitted with a choice of security levels depending on specific requirements. Environmental monitoring options are also available.

Electronic door

5210 Aisle front view.5

Outstanding user convenience and unique operational behaviour characterize the automatic sliding door operator. The door is magnetically driven and therefore silent in operation. Additionally the drive method allows for unparalleled levels of safety for the user.

Manual door

aisle door manual

The manual door option is a state of the art sliding door closer with a hold open facility and fully adjustable damper system as standard. This ultra smooth and superbly quiet sliding door closer provides the very best quality for your application.

Horizontal aisle containment lighting

Typically fitted when initially installed USystems lighting system delivers the correct level of LUX, the system can also automatically switch off when the space is not in use – saving yet more energy

aisle lighting1
  • Operation Temperature: -20˚/+50˚C
  • Light Source: Chip LED
  • Light Color: Natural White (3800-4200 K)
  • Beam Angle: 120˚ without lens
  • Light Efficacy: 105 lm/W
  • Operation Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz.
  • Power Consumption (W): 10W/m

The aisle beacon is controlled by a BT10 universal interface module which takes an input from the 100v loudspeaker circuit on the building fire alarm. The BT10 and a 24v relay are mounted in a Beacon Box assembly (CC6-0100-AP). The beacon is installed in the central service panel of the aisle. The customer is responsible for arranging connection of the 110v line input from the fire alarm system.

aisle lighting2 e1583846003543
Screenshot 2020 03 25 at 12.03.05 pm

  • Dual voltage 12/24V (10-30Vdc)
  • Bright, intense Xenon flash
  • No moving parts – maintenance free
  • Low power consumption
  • 3,000 hours tube life
  • Operating temperature -30°C to -55°C
aisle lighting3

InRow cooling and containment

Conventional data center cooling relies on the room being flooded with cold air which works well at minimal power densities. In row cooling offers increased capacity and power efficiencies by focusing cooling at the actual load perimeter of the aisle containment rather than relying on the air conditioner from the room itself using DC cooling with water.

In row units comprise and a heat exchange coil which utilises chilled water as the cooling medium which is supplied by the external chiller system.

Edge 9 Aisle Containment with Inrow Coolers persective view left hand.65

In row cooling is an efficient and ideal solution for high density data centers without affecting the baseline cooling and humidity control of room based CRAC units.

CL80 InRow cooler

In-row cooling technology is a type of air conditioning system commonly used for data center cooling which the cooling unit is placed between the server cabinets in a row to air to the server equipment's more effectively. In-row cooling systems use a horizontal airflow pattern utilising hot aisle/cold aisle configurations and they potentially only need occupy one-half rack of row space without any additional side clearance space.

ColdLogik CL80 InRow Coolers utilise space efficiently whilst offering closed coupled cooling within aisle containment.

They offer precision in-row cooling controlled and integrated via ColdLogik's award winning intelligent Management and Room Management Systems

Read more about the CL80 InRow
cl80 300w right scaled 68KW

CL80 300w liquid InRow Cooler

Capable of a maximum 68kW of cooling and is complete with the ColdLogik Management System (CMS) with 6 x energy efficient EC fans.
cl80 600w scaled 74kW

CL80 600w liquid InRow Cooler

Capable of a maximum 74kW of cooling and is complete with the ColdLogik Management System (CMS) with 6 x energy efficient EC fans.

CL80 InRow cooler

aisle cl80

The in-row cooling unit draws warm exhaust air directly from the hot aisle, cools it and distributes it to the cold aisle. This ensures that inlet temperatures are steady for precise operation. Coupling the air conditioning with the heat source produces an efficient direct return air path; this is called “close coupled cooling,” which also lowers the fan energy required. In-row cooling also prevents the mixing of hot and cold air, thus increasing efficiency.

CL20 airflow

USpace 5210 Data Rack Solution

USpace 5210 Data Rack Solution comprises four sturdy aluminium corner posts, aluminium top and bottom frame, U height marked front and rear 19” mounting angles with tool-less and step-less adjustability, swing handle lockable front and rear door, secure side panels , brush access top cover and base skids.

cl80 5210 hotspot 2
Traditional Server cabinet set-up ideal for most projects and installations

USpace 5210 Data Rack Solution

Server cabinet set-up ideal for most projects and installations

aisle full container

Precision engineered features have been designed in to the USpace 5210 Data Rack Solution to offer time and cost savings from day one installation.

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