Vertical aisle containment

Vertical containment allows for the integration of raised floor air-conditioning into the standalone warm aisle containment – this way both rows are climatically neutral against the rest of the data center. Here at USystems we provide the very best data center air and water cooling, ensuring your data center is working at its optimum.

5210 Vertical Aisle perspective view .20
aisle hot
  • Thermodynamically advantageous
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Cost effective
  • Low-maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modular
  • Retrofittable
  • Re-locatable

Vertical aisle containment End of aisle door options

The sliding doors at either end of the aisle can be self closing and can be fitted with a choice of security levels depending on specific requirements. Environmental monitoring options are also available.

Electronic door

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Outstanding user convenience and unique operational behaviour characterize the automatic sliding door operator. The door is magnetically driven and therefore silent in operation. Additionally the drive method allows for unparalleled levels of safety for the user.

Manual door

aisle door manual
The manual door option is a state of the art sliding door closer with a hold open facility and fully adjustable damper system as standard. This ultra smooth and superbly quiet sliding door closer provides the very best quality for your application.

USpace 5210 Data Rack Solution

USpace 5210 Data Rack Solution comprises four sturdy aluminium corner posts, aluminium top and bottom frame, U height marked front and rear 19” mounting angles with tool-less and step-less adjustability, swing handle lockable front and rear door, secure side panels , brush access top cover and base skids.

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Traditional Server cabinet set-up ideal for most projects and installations
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