Step 1
cl20 passive step1
Remove vent panel and top cover.
Step 2
cl20 passive step2
Fit fan panel, ColdLogik Management System, fan panels and fan cover.

Why ‘Smart Passive’ 

As a worldwide community we all have a finite resource with which to work. At USystems we hold sustainability at the heart of our design philosophy.

The CL20 Smart Passive is designed with sustainability in mind, allowing you to plan for the future without discarding a proven energy efficient solution of today. This has been achieved by providing a unique upgrade path from a self cooling passive RDC to a proactively cooled RDC able to fully control both the environment within the cabinet and the room temperature itself.

Anticipating the next generation computer chip sets, heat load densities are set to rise in the next few years which will have major ramifications on the decisions you make today in designing your data center allowing an upgrade path for such higher density equipment.

The Smart Passive enables the installation of a passive solution now, without it becoming redundant once there is such a change in new active equipment.

The ColdLogik CL20 Smart Passive uniquely has a modular upgrade path for a ‘pay as you grow’ ethos to counter costly and wasteful ‘rip out and replace’ upgrades.

Available complete on a USpace 4210Z cabinet or on its own as retrofit option which can be fitted to any OEM cabinet or populated cabinets to be retrofitted on site without disruption via the CL20 interface frame.

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