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Energy Saving

There are many energy metrics used within different industries – the air conditioning industry uses the European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) and data centers often refer to PUE (power usage effectiveness. ESEER refers to the efficiency of purely the cooling equipment whilst PUE looks at the ratios of equipment energy usage vs the energy used in the building.

Power Usage Effectivness (PUE)

The PUE may vary between 1.03 and 1.5 depending on the geographical location and external ColdLogik cooling solution chosen to pair with ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers, site conditions and architecture. Properly designed ColdLogik installations can be between 1.03 and 1.1 for the full datacenter at full load. These figures are not based on partial PUE but refer to the full DC environment.

What is Sensible cooling?

Sensible cooling is the process of cooling air so that the temperature and relative humidity doesn’t pass below ‘dew point’. This is the point at which relative humidity becomes too high and water will start to be collected at the point of cooling. Condensation will not occur by operating at higher water temperatures. This will still neutralise the same amount of heat whilst also avoiding the dew point and with it the need to manage condensate in the space.

What is Free cooling?

As the title states, the chosen cooling solution should have the ability to provide free cooling i.e. cooling at as close to zero energy cost.  Our technology allows us to use external environmental conditions to provide this free cooling, which can be derived from ambient air, hybrid chillers, adiabatic coolers, cooling towers, rivers, sea, bore holes etc.. And depending upon the chosen holistic solution this can be for up to 100 percent of the year. This can also lead to an ESEER of over 100 for the complete system.

All of which can lead to PUE’s being as low as 1.03 – proven!

Cooling power consumption vs computer power

The following tables give indicative percentage figures of cooling power consumption against computer power at full and partial cooling loads. These are more in line with ESEER calculations and a useful and accurate base for your data centers' cooling system efficiency when planning a new build. 

External ambient airPart
Max air temp6.0%6.0%
Min air temp1.5%1.5%
Average air temp2.2%4.0%

Examples above are based on dry air coolers.
Figures relate to power input required compared to 100% output, for example 6% is equal to 6kW for 100kW cooling duty.

sourced water
Full load
Constant water temperature1.5%1.5%

Examples: boreholes, rivers, lakes, sea water

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