ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers – RDHx

ColdLogik RDC Options

Proactive RDC’s

Proactive cooling enables the ability to control the room environment without the need of additional equipment such as CRAC units, whilst also ensuring a perfect environment within the cabinet.

ColdLogik CL20 Proactive Rear Door Coolers replace the traditional approach to data center cooling, allowing loads of up to 92kW per cabinet with the added benefit of removing real estate inherent with hot aisle/cold aisle, in row cooling, CRAC cooling and aisle containment designs. Achieving all of this whilst also enabling remote monitoring and full control of the data center environment.

Passive RDC’s

As the title suggests, Passive RDC’s have no moving parts or controls, meaning they rely on the airflow from the active equipment housed within the cabinet, such as servers. The hot exhaust air produced by the active equipment then passes over a heat exchanger matrix by its own velocity – heat is then transferred and rejected to coolant.

The ColdLogik CL20 Smart Passive has a unique modular upgrade path for a ‘pay as you grow’ ethos to counter costly and wasteful ‘rip out and replace’ upgrades Currently this is the only passive door available on the market which is modularly upgradable.

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