ColdLogik RDC range

The ColdLogik CL20 range of RDC’s is the most comprehensive in the market.  All models can be retro-fitted to OEM cabinets, alternatively they can be fitted directly to our space saving ColdLogik compliant USpace 4210 cabinet. This unrivalled range offers more sizes and more cooling capacity than any other makes of RDC’s.

Low to high density cooling solutions

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Low to high density cooling solutions

CL20 Proactive Rear Door Coolers can comprehensively and intelligently manage heat loads of between 0.1kW to 92kW providing a complete sensible cooling solution.

Perfected in sizes:
42U, 48U and 52U heights and 23.62”/600mm, 29.52”/750mm and 31.50”/800mm widths

Unrivalled cooling, unrivalled control, unrivalled style.


Lower OPEX

  • Up to 93% energy savings compared to CRACs
  • Up to 45% energy savings over In-Row cooling
  • PUE 1.03 to 1.2 typical
  • Rapid ROI and lower cost of ownership
  • Significantly faster deployment than alternative cooling
  • Scalable design – simply add cabinets and doors as your business grows
  • No additional room air conditioning required such as CRAC units


  • Retrofit onto existing OEM cabinets or simply install fewer high density ColdLogik compliant cabinets
  • Removes the need for aisle containment
  • Raised floors not required
  • Increases hardware lifespan by removing hot spots


  • Broadest range of sizes and options
  • Most energy efficient actively controlled RDC in the market
  • Highest cooling duty available:
    • Up to 92 kW sensible cooling capacity per rack inline with comparable industry standards however, using customer specific parameters there is a site running C18 RDC’s at 106kw which has been independently tested and verified– cool!
  • Operates above dew point, no condensation management required
  • Control the whole room environment from one solution utilising the inbuilt ColdLogik Management System ‘CMS’
  • Monitor entire process with a ColdLogik Room Management System ‘RMS’

How It Works

Ambient air is pulled into the cabinet via the active equipment fans. The hot exhaust air produced by the active equipment then passes over a heat exchanger matrix either by its own velocity, or, is pulled through via EC centrifugal fans mounted within the proactive door; heat is then transferred and rejected to coolant. The resulting chilled air then passes back into the room at the predetermined room ambient temperature.

CL20 airflow

Controlled room temperature


Our simple end to end solution effectively controls the comms and data room environment via our ColdLogik management system ‘CMS’.

Each proactive ‘RDC’ intelligently and independently managed by the ‘CMS’ system for optimum efficiency. This continually adjusts the operational parameters in response to the heat removal demands temperature.

Datacenter monitoring

ColdLogik RMS

The ColdLogik Room Management System ‘RMS’ monitors and manages devices and plant on the ColdLogik network by best optimisation, ensuring the room environment is maintained in the most energy efficient way. The ‘RMS’ can be viewed remotely and locally and provides full access and control.

Deployment Strategies

cl20 portrait scaled

Deployment strategies – a general understanding

There is a myth that rear of cabinet cooling systems are only suitable for medium to high density cooling, dedicating one RDC to each cabinet. We can dispel that myth as we have deployed many low-density installations, which dissipate up to and around 3kW per cabinet. Just like with CRAC and In-row cooling you would not dream of deploying a unit per cabinet – so is the case with rear of cabinet cooling. By deploying CL20’s in a logical manner, it is possible to design a low, medium or high duty room or a mix of all three requirements in one space all of which can be achieved with one elegant solution - The ColdLogik CL20 ‘RDC’.

How is this achieved?

Clearly every data center is different and requires a flexible solution for its specific cooling requirements.  There are various standard CL20 coolers within the range, offering a broad range of different duties and airflows.

Where less than one door is utilized per cabinet, air from the cooler mixes with the warm air leaving the adjacent cabinets, the result is air at the predetermined room temperature. Each ‘RDC’ is intelligently managed via the ColdLogik Management System 'CMS' for optimum efficiency with embedded computers which continually adjust the operational parameters in response to the heat removal demands placed on the system. By making these continual load adjustments, the ‘CMS’ controllers maintain the room ambient temperature.

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