Air Cooled MDC's

Take a look USystem's next generation air cooling technologies that promote data center efficiency, specifically designed for housing localised ‘Edge’ computing.

LX & DX Cooled MDC's

Discover USystem's range of EDGE mini data center cooling MDCs. These cooling solutions incorporate award winning ColdLogik cooling technology.

Why USystems Has the EDGE®

As more industries move towards cloud storage and increase their reliance on IoT infrastructures, the need to locally process data and applications without the concern of bandwidth constraints is essential. Known as Edge computing this is the solution for a local self-sufficient micro data centers designed replace large local infrastructures.

It allows data produced by IoT devices to be processed closer to where it is created instead of sending it across long routes to data centers or clouds. Enabling specific requirements to be handled at distributed locations which act as powerful gateways to this data storage without affecting speed and performance.

Air Cooled Micro Data Centers

Air cooled solutions are best suited for spaces which are typically air-conditioned or have an air supply temperature in which IT equipment is designed to operate in.

LX and DX cooled Micro Data Centers

Active cooled solutions are able to look after their own ambient environment and or room ambient environment.

Aisle Containment Modular Data Centers

USystems MDC POD’s come in a variety of sizes and duty performances.

Edge Computing Graphic WEB

The convenience of cloud computing meant not having to invest in expensive dedicated large comms/server rooms which took up your valuable floor space, so this reintroduction of a local computing requirement may seem like a backwards step!

Fortunately, this need not be the case as the USystems Micro Data Center range of Edge solutions caters for this new inbound computer demand. Ideal for deployment into existing staffed office space, dedicated office space, right through to external land space bridging the gap between you and your cloud data. So, if CAPEX and OPEX is of concern, USystems MDC range is designed utilising the award-winning energy saving ColdLogik technology and in most situations takes up less than one square metre of floor space.

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