EDGE-3 Soundproof MDC

Rapid deployment Micro Data Center

42u Edge3 no cladding no camera.295 cropped

Rapid deployment Micro Data Center

Simple ‘plug and play’ EDGE-3 solution is supplied pre-configured from the factory with built in intelligence and an energy efficient air-cooling system for effortless installation and customer convenience.

Peace of mind is provided by an on board environmental and optional security monitoring system. Real time alarms and alerts which can be viewed via the WebUI will notify authorised personnel via email alarms relating to any issues with the cabinet.

Meaning you know what’s going on and can monitor who’s coming and going 24/7.


EDGE3 Range3


The EDGE-3 solution is available in 12U, 24U and 42U heights and 30.7”/780mm wide models, which easily fit through most doorways. The external depth is 43.31”/1100mm but if housing the new deeper server applications a 12”/300mm deep extension option is available.

Heavy duty castors make siting and deployment easy, once positioned, the cabinet can be levelled, which is especially useful on uneven floors. 

The EDGE-3 plinth system allows easy access for cabling to pass underneath, once commissioned plinth panels complete the look.

Protecting and prolonging the life of your IT equipment is paramount so the EDGE-3 provides a safe IP44 environment as standard with the option of an IP54 upgrade for more rugged environments.

A sound investment!

EDGE3 Sound investment

Saving the cost and space of a dedicated comms room is good but deploying IT equipment into the middle of a working environment can have many downsides to anyone working nearby with constant evasive noise and excessive heat generated from the active equipment. The EDGE-3 removes theses issues up to 28.5dBA (99.9%) of IT noise, which is tech speak for saying that it will reduce server noise down to a whisper.

Hear for yourself!


This is the sound from an Intel blade chassis running at 78dBA


The unrivalled sound attenuation of 28.5dBA achieved by the UCoustic cabinet

Unrivalled 12kW heat load capacity

Protecting expensive servers and switches or just general IT equipment is of paramount importance and by clever design the unique air extraction system of the EDGE-3 enables the removal of up to a staggering 12kW of heat load in a 42U height cabinet.

EDGE3 EC Fan EDGE3 Energy Saving EDGE3 EC Fan Super energy efficient EC fans ensure maximum heat removal

By incorporating EC fan technology means an immediate energy reduction compared to standard AC or DC fans. The EDGE Management System has onboard EC fan control capability thus enabling the fans to ramp up and down in speed in response to the temperature within the enclosure, this means that only the necessary amount of power is used maintain the ideal operating temperature.

EDGE3 Space Saving

Space saving

The EDGE-3 takes up less than a square metre in footprint, can be located in any area including offices, receptions, hallways, cupboards etc., without concern for noise or temperature issues.

Energy saving and efficiency

EDGE3 Ducting

Energy saving and efficiency

Ducting System

Incorporating EC fan technology means an immediate energy reduction. These fans will also speed up and slow down as and when the heat load dictates once again removing the need for unnecessary over use of the fans.

EDGE3 Energy Saving EDGE3 Heat Recovery icon

Another massive cost saving is made by reducing the frequency air-conditioning is used in summer months or heating the room in winter months.

This is achieved by fitting the optional ducting kit, which has the unique feature of diverting the exhaust hot air outdoors or recovering the heat to use for warming the room or adjacent space.

EDGE3 Ducting ceiling
EDGE3 Ducting room

Expelling hot air to atmosphere and saving air-conditioning energy or heat recovery and saving on heating bills = WIN-WIN!

Extra depth server extension kit

EDGE3 Extra Depth Extra 300mm usable depth

EDGE-3 can be extended by 300mm, which provides a greater useable depth for housing deeper servers, additional power and by providing more space it helps prevent cabling blocking air paths.

The extension kit is fully retrofittable and will not adversely affect the performance of the cabinet.

EDGE3 Extra Depth2

Cisco Side Venting Kit

Side venting kit for active IT equipment which cools from side to side such as Cisco switch gear etc.

Side venting equipment - Cisco server
Cisco 2.2
Modular side venting kit fitted to frame for illustration

Cable Management

Upgrade kits for superior cable management capability, so bend radius, clearance and best practice cable management is assured.

Edge 3 12u Infill Finger Panel
Cable Management Fingers
12U, 24U, 42U Available
Cable Tray Cropped.22
Cable Tray
12U, 24U, 42U Available
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