EDGE-8 Rear Door Cooler MDC

Rapid deployment Micro Data Center

CL20 E8 rear view no cladding to show equipment.301

Rapid deployment Micro Data Center

Simple ‘plug and play’ the EDGE-8 solution is supplied pre-configured from the factory with built-in intelligence and an energy efficient air-cooling system for effortless installation and customer convenience.

Peace of mind is provided by an on-board environmental and security monitoring system.  Real time alarms and alerts which can be viewed via a WebUI, so you know what’s going on and see who’s coming and going 24/7.

Advanced configurations are available for enhanced levels of security and redundancy.


EDGE8 Range


The EDGE-8 RDC/RDHx solution, featuring ColdLogik technology is available in 42U and 48U heights and 600w/23.6” and 800mm/31.5“ widths, with cabinet depths of 1000mm/39.4” and 1200mm/47.25” as standard. (please contact the sales desk for any other requirements).

Heavy duty castors and levelling feet make siting and deployment easier, once positioned, the cabinet can be levelled, which is especially useful on uneven floors. 

The EDGE-8 plinth system allows easy access for cabling to pass underneath, once commissioned plinth panels complete the look.

How the EDGE-8 cooling works

EDGE8 works1
EDGE8 works2

How the EDGE-8 cooling works

Ambient air is pulled into the cabinet via the active equipment fans. The hot exhaust air produced by the active equipment then passes over a heat exchanger matrix either by its own velocity, or, is pulled through via EC centrifugal fans mounted within the proactive door; heat is then transferred and rejected to coolant. The resulting chilled air then passes back into the room at the predetermined room ambient temperature.

Typical deployment options

EDGE8 Deploy1
EDGE8 Deploy2

Cool air coming of the RDC’s mix with the hot air coming of the middle cabinet, the ColdLogik Management System housed within each RDC’s ensures that a constant room temperature is maintained.

EDGE8 Deploy3

One of the many benefits that the open architecture approach that rear door coolers bring is the ability to scale and configure to whatever is required of them. You can fit one to each cabinet or if the duty is low, then share one RDC to two, three and even four additional cabinets.

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