EDGE-9 Aisle Containment MDC


EDGE9 Range
A standard server cabinet but with energy efficiency and intelligence built-in….. as standard


EDGE-9 is available in multiple size configurations and options to suit your requirements.

Cabinets are 42U or 47U high, 23.62”/600mm or 31.50”/800 wide, 39.37"/1000mm or 47.24"/1200mm deep.

InRow coolers are either 11.81”/300mm or 23.62”/600mm depending on the duty required.

Rapid deployment modular data center

EDGE9 Deploy

Rapid deployment modular data center

The EDGE-9 solution is designed pre-configured from the factory with built in intelligence and energy efficient LX cooled InRows for rapid deployment and expert installation

Peace of mind is provided by an on-board environmental and security monitoring system.  Real time alarms and alerts which can be viewed via a WebUI, so you know what’s going on and see who’s coming and going 24/7.

Advanced configurations are available for enhanced levels of security and redundancy.

Standard features

Aisle Lighting and PIR Detector

EDGE9 Aisle light
Energy saving LED lighting operates only as required when triggered by PIR

Integrated precision cooling

EDGE9 300
300w InRow Cooler
EDGE9 600
600w InRow Cooler

Electronic Door

EDGE9 Door
Incorporating soft motion safety the USystems sliding door will stop and reverse on the lightest contact. Compact in design, silent in operation and with no mechanical moving parts the linear motor is both reliable and smooth running.
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