EDGE-PACK Hybrid fire and smoke protection

FP HYBRID aspirating fire and smoke detection

Unique early warning fire detection and prevention system

The FP Hybrid is the only multi-sensor aspirating detection sensing system bringing together two types of ultra sensitive detection solutions:

  Primary detector: Cloud Chamber Detection ‘CCD’ Detects odour of overheating components, from particulates too minute for human detection   Secondary detector: Scatter Chamber Detector ‘SCD’ Detects smoke via optical detection  

This unique combination provides the largest sensitivity range—zero percent obscuration per metre (% obs/m) to 20% obs/m, providing intelligent, independent and integrated alarm signal decision making.


Built in FP Hybrid ‘smart signal’ discriminates against unwanted alarm signals enhancing and informing only of real alarm threats.


Add to this the optional fire suppressant system and you have the most sophisticated and accurate system currently available on the market.

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Combined Cloud Chamber

‘Fire’ and optical ‘Smoke’ detection

Currently there are only two types of viable aspirating detector technologies - the ‘Cloud Chamber’ (aspirating detection identifying optically invisible fire particulate), and laser or LED ‘Optical’ (aspirating detection identifying small amounts of visible smoke).


FP HYBRID is the only aspirating detector available to identify the optically invisible fire particulate by utilising the unique ‘Cloud Chamber Detection’ (CCD) technology.


Depending on the materials burning, particularly in the many modern applications for aspirating detection systems, some fires burn with only a small amount of visible smoke, whereas others burn with greater volumes of visible smoke. FP HYBRID detects these wide-ranging ‘smokier’ fire types too. Early Warning Smoke Detection (EWSD) is provided using high performance optical ‘Scatter Chamber Detectors’ (SCD) that identify both small and larger smoke particles entering the detector.

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By utilising the two most effective methods of aspirating system technologies (CCD and EWSD) in a single detector the FP HYBRID detector provides a device able to detect fire and smoke over the largest range of fire types.


However, what makes this totally new and genuinely unique concept in aspirating fire and smoke detection technology so different is that these two technologies work both independently from each other through the use of complex algorithms also interact together to provide true intelligent alarm decision making. The result of this synergy of technologies is a device that can verify true alarm conditions across the largest range of fire types. Another but equally important result of this synergy of technologies, is the discrimination of unwanted or false alarms which have historically and still continue to plague so many optical only aspirating detectors.

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