EDGE-PACK Secure Space locking

Secure Space electronic locking systems

Ideal for single or multiple cabinet and site/installations, each Secure Space system supports two independent electronic door handles with integrated key override, cladding status.

Proximity card/fob sensors can be supplied pre-programmed ready for issue to users.

The Secure Space has an LCD display, which allows the unit IP address and status to be displayed at the cabinet.

The factory installed integrated web browser interface employs a Real Time Operating System (RTOS), which ensures that the browser page does not need to be constantly refreshed. Two levels of access privilege are supported: Admin and User.

100 plus users are supported per cabinet with individual access rights to one or both access points. Each user has a start and end date for access control. Up to 20 user groups can be created and there can be multiple shift patterns. Shifts are defined as days of the week with start and end times.

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Key Features

  • Proximity sensors front and rear
  • Electronic handles with key override and status indicator /feedback
  • Optional integrated handle and reader
  • Handle ståatus feedback via TCIP/IP
  • Web interface
  • TCIP/IP protocol
  • SNMP protocol
  • User and Admin access levels
  • One RJ45 10/100 base-TX Ethernet TCP/IP network port
  • 100 plus users
  • Up to 20 user groups


  • Standard or 19” rack mounted unit
  • Zero U mounting option available
  • Optional keypad and bio finger print
  • Industry standard entry system supported (Mifare, Weigland etc)
  • Many customer specific card entry systems may be incorporated
  • Optional door/panel status sensors front and rear door plus top cover and cladding
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Real time monitoring

  • A factory installed real time GUI (graphical user interface) gives a live status report of handle, door and cladding status.
  • Secure Space allows for remote opening of locking swing handles saving both time and expense by removing the requirement to travel to and from site.
  • Secure Space provides the highest level of cabinet security using electronically operated swing handles with status feedback.
  • The addition of master key override ensures access to the cabinet in the event of power being lost to the cabinet.
  • Cladding sensors provide feedback indicating door open and close status.
  • Sensors within the swing handle warn of incorrect closure and is indicated with integral LED’s and via network.
  • Users are authorised using time slots, days of the week and start/end dates.
  • Simple removal of authorisation at GUI ensures security should a user leave or an access tag be lost or stolen.
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