USystems Launches New ColdLogik Website

Known for their multiplicity of data center solutions, USystems has now separated its ColdLogik Rear Door Cooler solution from the main USystems website as the product has gained more traction in the marketplace and now warrants its own website accordingly.

They are very pleased to announce the launch of their new website as this is one of their most searched for phrases on the internet. 

USystems are the leading provider of Data Center Cooling solutions, they strive to provide unparalleled performance and true value to their customers. Designing and manufacturing world class multi award winning cooling solutions which improve operational and energy efficiency, helping to reduce carbon emissions and save money.

With increased rack densities coming into the mainstream, data centers now have to focus on their environmental impact, and the energy and emission savings ColdLogik offers for both low to high density cooling, this is the perfect time to let ColdLogik have its own standalone platform.

The new website focuses on the savings and benefits the ColdLogik RDC offers with clear navigation to the most relevant information, relating to technical capabilities or environmental advances.

“We are very excited to launch the ColdLogik by USystems website, it is a key step in our goal to differentiate our Rear Door Coolers in the marketplace. The ColdLogik RDC range can fit any Data Center. Whether it’s a retrofit or new build design, USystems technology can be deployed to meet any criteria, from increased efficiency, be more sustainable for the planet, and even support with a bespoke duty up to 200kW per rack”.

Gary Tinkler, VP Sales Marketing ColdLogik

Founded in 2004, USystems is headquartered in the UK, with additional offices in Europe, Middle East, North America, and India. The company offers Air Cooling, DX, and LX Cooling solutions to various sized Data Centres, including standard, hyperscale’s and edge, and those with High Performance and Super Compute capabilities.

For more information, visit or follow USystems Ltd on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Media Contact:

Kate Rooney

+44 (0) 1234 761 720


USystems exhibits latest ColdLogik Cooling Solutions at SC21

USystems exhibits latest ColdLogik Cooling Solutions at SC21, as data is driving development across every industry, by harnessing data faster and more accurate than ever before, we can achieve things previously a dream. As innovators, we are inspired by the people behind the breakthroughs and the SC21 exhibition is the place to be.

ColdLogik by USystems is primed to support any organization, with its range of efficient and sustainable IT Cooling and Micro Data Center products. No matter the requirement, ColdLogik allows for flexible, adaptive, scalable, and futureproofed deployments. Aimed to deliver optimized Data Center cooling technology that is proven to save money as well as water, electricity, and carbon emissions. Our solutions are purposefully designed to deliver efficiencies for HPC.

Communities such as SC which have built on its diverse community of researchers, scientists, and other participants, celebrate progression in industry and inspire breakthroughs. USystems is thrilled to be a part of the community, and to launch our new additions to our ColdLogik RDC range at SC21.

To ensure the health and safety of our team members and other attendees, USystems onsite team will follow all COVID-19 protocols required by the SC21 conference, which include providing a proof of vaccination and wearing a mask or facial coverings while indoors.

Join us in St. Louis to learn why USystems is exhibiting its latest ColdLogik Solutions at SC21 and how we are cooling the innovations that could improve every life across the globe.

Find us at SC21 at Booth #2827

To find out more about why USystems is the ideal supplier for HPC cooling visit: About – USystems

To find out more about the show visit: Home • SC21 (


Award Winning USystems

Award Winning USystems has recently won Cooling Manufacturer of the Year at the RAC Cooling Awards, and named in the Top Ten most Innovative Data Center Cooling Companies. To have accomplished these in a year full of challenges is incredible, and is a complete reflection on our employees. Our success depends on the quality of our staff members, their loyalty and their hard work. Without their contributions we would not be where we are today,.

Thank you to each of our staff members, we couldn’t be an award wining company without you.

Cooling Manufacturer of the Year

At USystems, we have been working tirelessly since 2007 on efficient technologies which allow our customers to reach the IT densities required combined with unprecedented levels of sustainable cooling efficiency with the ability to scale and without the need to supplemental cooling.

USystems already have a proven track record with our technologies being utilised to deliver class leading PUE results throughout the globe. Our mission at USystems is to provide datacentres, hyperscale’s and HPC supercomputers with cooling solutions that improve operational and energy efficiency.

By 2022 there will be in the region of 30 billion devices connected, collecting, and supplying data from 5G to autonomous vehicles or Edge Devices.

We have already seen this with financial High-Frequency Trading, Video Streaming and home working supporting these trends.

Datacentres need greater power density, which is why USystems focus is on having a huge positive impact on sustainability and total cost of ownership, but not at the cost of the impact it has on our environment. We do this by providing cooling solutions with lower energy usage, reduction of CO2 emissions and a significant reduction in water usage bringing WUE down zero.

USystems wants to enable Data centres to be better, scalable, and sustainable, reducing emissions CO2, save water and do what it can to help deliver better for future generations.

Our technologies are designed to help all datacentres and hyperscale’s become more efficient by minimizing their impact on the environment.

The Innovation that helped us win

The CL23 HPC is designed to meet the challenging demands of High-Performance Compute (HPC) cooling, USystems with its unique RDC has positioned itself alongside water to the chip and immersion cooling technologies, the CL23 HPC is capable of an unrivalled 200kW+ of sensible cooling per industry standard rack and unquestionably cost effective on all levels. It can control the whole room environment without any additional cooling apparatus, unlike equivalent technologies. In addition, this ColdLogik Solution offers significant capital expenditure savings and with an EER in excess of 100 at maximum duty the CL23 HPC provides a better operational expenditure too

Winners 2021 | RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2021 (

Top 10 Most Innovative Data Centre Cooling Companies

Usystems provides cooling products that enhance data center cooling, providing these to global businesses, making their data centers, and more importantly the world more environmentally friendly. USystems, founded in 2007 focuses on efficient technologies which allow customers to reach the IT densities required combined with unprecedented levels of sustainable cooling efficiency with the ability to scale and without the need for supplemental cooling.

Top 10 Most Innovative Data Centre Cooling Companies (


USystems and Mayflex Partnership

United Kingdom, September 2021 – At USystems, we have been working tirelessly since 2007 on efficient technologies which allow our customers to reach the IT densities required. Combined with unprecedented levels of sustainable cooling efficiency and the ability to scale without the need for supplemental cooling. Our Mission is to provide unparalleled solutions for efficient and sustainable data centers to use less energy and reduce carbon footprint globally, ultimately providing true value to our customers and increasing environmental impact.

USystems have won awards in BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre (CEEDA) award – one gold in the best-in-class capability, the other silver for advanced capability. We are also in the unrivalled position of having two top 10 projects in the current Green 500 list, demonstrating our ability to deliver the most efficient data centers worldwide.  

We recognise that these benefits contributing to a successful sustainability programme can only be achieved with like-minded partners, built on trust, engagement and an offering of unparalleled customer experience and ongoing support.

Our partnership with Mayflex not only brings advantages of a seamless customer journey from enquiry to purchase, but also combines two environmental policies that further our joint goal of a de-carbonised planet.

‘Mayflex’s environmental responsibilities happily align with our own philosophies at USystems.

Together we are working to help reduce the environmental impact that data centers have on the planet, actions as simple as cardboard packaging has an impact! Utilising our innovative technologies will have a substantial environmental benefit across the Data Center space in UK’

-Abi Atkins, UK Channel Sales Manager


New model of ColdLogik Smart Passive Rear Door Cooler: Now available

London, August 2021 –  USystems released a new version of ColdLogik Smart Passive Rear Door Cooler (RDC), the CL21 Smart Passive RDC, a self-cooling passive RDC with an upgrade system to a proactively cooled RDC.

The Features:

  • Universal rack compatibility
  • Retrofit capable
  • Simple installation
  • Air pressure drops fully disclosed to ensure compatibility with in rack equipment prior to deployment
  • Pay as you grow for definable kW ratings if upgrade path is needed
  • Less wastage through upgrade path – no need to replace the existing system
  • Feature packed ‘ColdLogik management system’ available on active upgrade
  • New axial fan design on upgrade path
  • Best in class energy usage at industry typical densities, when compared to other active systems
  • Integrated interface frame for the most shallow RDC USystems has ever produced

Carefully designed and tested, the new version of Smart Passive RDC is expected to enable better transition from traditional cooling methods into a much more energy efficient overall solution.

The CL21 was designed, from the ground up, to be the best possible solution in the industry for racks with a cooling requirement between 0-29kW. The CL21 facilitates significantly better energy efficiency, waste free upgrade paths, all whilst reducing the footprint required within the whitespace and the carbon footprint for the environment.

‘The CL21 is the next step in our journey towards helping our customers improve their efficiency of energy and space alongside their on site sustainability. As with any of our products it was born through multiple customers requirements and feedback has been taken by the team throughout the process to optimise design.

As a result of this I am sure you will see subtle differences in the CL21 to the rest of the product range. However in our push to improve our offering it will certainly not be our last product to see some change.

Working with our customers to facilitate their requirements is right at the very core of USystems DNA and the CL21 shows our continuing commitment to this.’

-Sam Allen, VP Tech Sales


USystems and Rahi Partner to Deliver to the Global Data Center Market

London, United Kingdom, August 2021 – USystems Ltd, the specialist manufacturer of data center cooling solutions, and Rahi Systems, the design, supply and data center solution installation specialists, have announced their partnership to deliver global supply and installation of USystems ColdLogik Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHX) and In Row Coolers.

USystems and Rahi will work together to assist some of the world’s largest organisations to increase efficiency, reduce carbon emissions to become more sustainable; by designing and delivering robust data centers appropriate for the future.  This partnership will deliver a full turnkey solution, which not only offers exceptional value and service, but due to the efficient design of the ColdLogik RDHX and InRow Coolers, will offer significant operational savings, reduced time-to-market and eliminates inefficiencies for Data Centers whilst increasing its sustainability.

The USystems ColdLogik RDHX solution is an innovative liquid solution with adaptive technology. It provides an unrivalled versatile system which can not only deliver an unrivalled 200kW plus of cooling per rack, (ideal for HPC or AI applications), but can also work at the lower ends of the kW per rack needs to support MTDCs offering a scale that’s not possible in their current configurations.  No supplementary cooling is required, and it has the ability to control the entire data hall temperature, allowing more space for racks and complete flexibility on kW per rack cooling, higher than any other cooling platform.  A room neutral system means no more hot or cold aisles with additional “bolt on components” driving up operational expenditure.

Rahi will provide extensive data center design and supply all components for your desired layout and install as a full turnkey system, offering hyperscale, colocation, and enterprise data center operators a standardized and flexible data center solution with huge benefits including some of the best operational savings in the industry. The new partnership enables Rahi to incorporate the USystems RDHX into their global data center market portfolio and allows USystems to have a turnkey delivery with a partner that is expert in their field in data center deployments for the world’s leading data center providers.

“Our aim is to optimise existing data centers and design new build DCs that offer exceptional scale as standard while achieving significant free cooling with no major design changes. Rahi Solutions, reflects our own drive to support data centers globally, embracing this innovation to deliver efficient and sustainable data centers of the future by sharing USystems technology to assist the industry we work in. Partnering with Rahi is enabling us to deliver globally, at scale for our own customers as well as Rahi’s, who now gain access to the world leading Rear Door Coolers as well as receiving the exceptional design, supply, install and maintenance Rahi delivers”.

Scott Bailey, CEO of USystems

“We value our partner eco-system at Rahi as they enable us to provide the best possible solutions and services to our customers. We are delighted to bring USystems on board to support the data centers of tomorrow.”

Tarun Raisoni, CEO and Co-Founder of Rahi


USystems and Mayflex distribution agreement

August 2021, Mayflex, the distributor of Converged IP Solutions, has agreed to a partnership with USystems to become their exclusive distributor in the UK from 1st September 2021, for their full range of data centre cooling and Micro and Modular Data Centre solutions.

USystems are working towards more efficient and sustainable data centres, by providing leading and innovative technologies to use less energy and reduce carbon footprint globally.  They provide edge compute and whitespace cooling products, to global businesses, making their data centres, and more importantly the world more environmentally friendly. USystems platforms cater for both edge to cloud computing, if CAPEX and OPEX is of concern, USystems Edge MDC range and award-winning energy saving ColdLogik technology are the perfect solutions.

Ross McLetchie, Mayflex Sales Director commented  “We are delighted to partner with USystems, we are actively working and supplying to the data centre market through installers and directly, so we are well aware of the need for better cooling solutions and we particularly like the sustainable approach that USystems take, to deliver their Micro and Modular Data Centre solutions.”

Ross continued “USystems forms just part of our data centre offering which includes; high density copper and fibre cabling systems, pre-terminated products, MTP, floor standing racks and frames, PDUs, UPS systems and security products.   We are currently working on a brochure that will bring everything together and make it far easier for our customers to see the breadth of products available, all backed up by the excellent service and support that you would expect from Mayflex.”

Zillah Loewe, USystems Vice Chairman commented “As the UK’s premium data centre cooling and edge MDC manufacturer we at USystems are delighted to announce our partnering with Mayflex one of the world’s leading distributors of data centre infrastructure and networking solutions.  We look forward to working along a like-minded company to ensure our combined customer bases continue to experience excellent value for money for world class products”.

For more information on USystems prior to 1st September please contact us on 01234 761 720 or

Pictured:  Abi Atkins, USystems UK Channel Sales Manager and Ross McLetchie, Mayflex Sales Director


USystems opens a new office in Rochester, NY

London, 1st July 2021 – USystems, the leading provider of critical infrastructure solutions is proud to announce the official opening of its brand-new office downtown Rochester, NY. The New York office will serve as USA Headquarters to support growing demand for the ColdLogik Product

The new site is located downtown Rochester, NY in the historic Sibley building, which in 1929 was the largest department store between Chicago and New York City.  This city rose to prominence as the birthplace for technology companies such as Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb. 

In addition, they have also secured the talents and knowledge of Dr. David Brown who will serve as Vice President of Engineering and brings years of experience in the data center infrastructure field with him. Please join us in welcoming him to our growing U.S. based team.

‘In a critical point in USystems history, we are extremely proud to bring our knowledge direct to our customers in the United States of America with our brand-new USA HQ’

Scott Bailey, Director

Picture 2

About USystems

USystems is a leading provider in Data Center Cooling solutions that strives to provide unparalleled results and true value to our customers with cooling solutions that improve operational and energy efficiency. Founded in 2004, USystems is headquartered in the UK, with additional offices in Europe, Middle East, North America, and India. The company offers Air Cooling, DX, and LX Cooling solutions to various sized Data Centres, including standard, hyperscale’s and edge, and those with High Performance and Super Compute capabilities.

These cooling solutions are achieved with the innovative range of ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers which since their inception in 2007 have garnered much praise and industry attention.  Winning multiple awards globally for their outstanding performance, sustainability, energy saving and unrivalled efficiencies.

For more information, visit or follow USystems Ltd on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Contact Information:

Picture 3

David Brown

Vice President – Engineering


Transforming in the Data Center Industry

Nautilus are a long-standing partner of USystems and have championed the ColdLogik brand for more than 5 years. Working with them since the conception of the original ‘floating data centre’ the partnership has flourished and pushed both parties to a better technological standpoint in order to utilise the warm water temperatures available all year round in the San Francisco Bay area.

“Data Centers are the newest and most essential piece of critical infrastructure for the world”

James Connaughton, CE0, Nautilus

Working in conjunction with our ColdLogik team every scenario for water temperature variability was considered and design was carefully altered where needed to provide the required solution.

Capable of up to 36kW per ColdLogik cabinet the barge provides a floating data center for Colocation services, unlike anything that has ever been previously used.
USystems was recently featured in Technology Magazine in an article all about ‘Transforming In The Data Center Industry’. Read the full article here to find out more about their journey in transforming the data center cooling industry.


Our recent podcast with Databank

Our recent podcast series Data Center Cool Down has been very well received. Our most recent
POD cast with Brendan Pickerillo from DataBank – a leading provider of enterprise-class data center,
cloud, and interconnection services, offering customers 100% uptime availability of data,
applications and infrastructure.

Databank’s managed data center cooling services are anchored in world-class facilities has attracted
a lot of attention and even caught the eye of Data Center who has kindly written an
article relating to it.

If you would like to listen to the podcast – just in case you missed it the first time here is your
opportunity to do so

The podcast is very laid back but bursting with information about the DataBank project and not just
why they chose USystems ColdLogik Rear Door Cooler for their installation cooling solution, but how
the performance they have got from the ColdLogik solution has exceeded all their expectations.

Another very happy customer!

Harry Menear from DCM uploaded the following ‘Spotlight’ on USystems and DataBank delivering
next-generation cooling.

and if you’d like to see more, feel free to link to the DataBank website and read their newsfeed on
the project

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