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United Kingdom, September 2021 – At USystems, we have been working tirelessly since 2007 on efficient technologies which allow our customers to reach the IT densities required. Combined with unprecedented levels of sustainable cooling efficiency and the ability to scale without the need for supplemental cooling. Our Mission is to provide unparalleled solutions for efficient and sustainable data centers to use less energy and reduce carbon footprint globally, ultimately providing true value to our customers and increasing environmental impact.

USystems have won awards in BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre (CEEDA) award – one gold in the best-in-class capability, the other silver for advanced capability. We are also in the unrivalled position of having two top 10 projects in the current Green 500 list, demonstrating our ability to deliver the most efficient data centers worldwide.  

We recognise that these benefits contributing to a successful sustainability programme can only be achieved with like-minded partners, built on trust, engagement and an offering of unparalleled customer experience and ongoing support.

Our partnership with Mayflex not only brings advantages of a seamless customer journey from enquiry to purchase, but also combines two environmental policies that further our joint goal of a de-carbonised planet.

‘Mayflex’s environmental responsibilities happily align with our own philosophies at USystems.

Together we are working to help reduce the environmental impact that data centers have on the planet, actions as simple as cardboard packaging has an impact! Utilising our innovative technologies will have a substantial environmental benefit across the Data Center space in UK’

-Abi Atkins, UK Channel Sales Manager

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