a close up image of the wires in the back of a server rack

Data centers and how your data is transferred in the modern world can be a confusing topic. Data centers are at the heart of data transfer and are used by millions of people around the world every single day. A Data center is a large dedicated computer facility, housing high-end computing equipment capable of processing millions of units of data every second, enabling technology such as instant messaging, E-commerce, streaming services and even 5G. However, data demand is only increasing every single day and data center technology has to adapt to keep up. Edge computing is an innovation that combines the convenience of cloud computing with the processing power of a local data center.

As more and more industries move towards cloud storage and relying on large data centers that are usually located overseas, lag and latency is becoming more of a problem, causing delays to the running of businesses. Slow data transfer can significantly impact a business in its daily running, and so it is now becoming more necessary for businesses to be able to process some data and applications in real-time at the source of the data, also known as the user end. Few businesses have the bandwidth or processing power to handle this data with their current infrastructure, which is where edge computing comes in. Edge computing technology is designed to enable real-time data processing and local processing, without requiring the use of a large local server room as would have been the case in the past. A micro data center is a self-sufficient edge computing solution, designed to be used instead of large local data center infrastructures and to bring stronger data processing capability to the user end. By employing the use of an edge data center, the distance data has to travel is significantly shortened, providing a powerful gateway to the large and powerful cloud data center without affecting your performance or processing speed.

Edge computing combines the benefits of having an on-premises data center with powerful processing capability, with the innovation and convenience of cloud computing. This negates the need for businesses to have their own large and expensive dedicated data centers or server rooms, saving on valuable floor space. A micro data center, as the name implies, takes up less than a square metre of floor space and comes with built-in air cooling or active cooling solutions that manage their own environment, requiring minimal interference. They are designed to be deployed into existing office space and to be as unobtrusive as possible, with soundproof options to ensure your workday isn’t disrupted by distracting sounds. 

The USystems range of micro data centers is designed to cater to your needs and meet your data processing demands, bridging the gap between the cloud and the business at the user end. From 5G edge data center solutions to soundproof micro data centers, we are at the cutting edge of data center technology, to help ensure your business is always running up to speed and your data is getting where it needs to go.

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