An engineer’s hand making adjustments to a micro data center

Edge computing and micro data centers are recent innovations that aim to decrease the delay issues cloud users often face when processing large amounts of data. Understanding the difference between micro data centers and edge computing can be confusing, but even though the two are closely connected, the two terms are not interchangeable. Put simply, edge computing is the process itself (the “what”) and a micro data center is the technology that makes the process happen (the “how”).

Edge computing brings data processing closer to the source, reducing latency issues, and the micro data center helps to achieve this goal. Computing at the edge increases the speed of data transfer and improves overall performance. Many modern businesses and organisations rely on the use of large cloud-based data centers, often located miles away from where the business itself operates. This distance can create lag and latency issues, slowing down data processing which can be very detrimental in today’s age of instant sharing. Edge computing allows important data to instead be processed at the site where it is created, reducing reliance on the external data center to achieve faster results. By reducing the amount of processes run in the cloud and moving these processes to local computers, performance is improved and bandwidth use is decreased.

The convenience of the advent of cloud computing meant that a lot of businesses no longer needed to house large and expensive server rooms at their site of operations. However, as the demand for instant data transfer has increased, cloud computing cannot always keep up. Micro data center solutions bring data processing back to the user end, without taking up swathes of office space. Our micro data centers bridge the gap between the user and the cloud, whilst taking up less than one square meter of floor space and requiring little maintenance, managing their own micro-climate with compact cooling systems. The micro data center is what facilitates edge computing, ensuring that your important data is processed exactly when you need it, without delays or complications. The micro data center is the best of both worlds, allowing the convenient use of an off-site large data center whilst preventing latency and rapidly processing data at the source. It’s an innovative modern solution to the problem of slow data processing.

USystems provides data center management for businesses and organisations of all sizes. If you think that edge computing could be the right solution for you, we provide a range of micro data centers that can bring your business up to speed without feeling obtrusive in your workspace. Our range includes soundproofed and air-cooled options, creating as little noise and distraction as possible so you can get on with the important work and worry less about your bandwidth.

We also provide management and components for large, traditional data centers, from in row cooling to effectively manage heat loads, to specialised racks and frames. We know how important your data is and we’re committed to helping to keep your data moving from A to B without any interruptions or issues.

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