A professional woman with a laptop working in a data center

You may not have heard of data centers before or understand their function, but almost every business and organisation today uses one. If you have ever ordered a product online, used social media or played an online video game, a data center has been involved in the process even if you didn’t know it. Data centers are vital for the storage and transfer of data in today’s online climate of instant sharing.

Data centers are specialised physical spaces that house high-end computing equipment, used for processing high volumes of important data. Businesses need data centers because standard personal computer networks and IT systems do not have a high enough processing power to handle the sheer amount of data that modern businesses require for their day to day operations. Data centers enable businesses to access data services such as email and file sharing, e-commerce services, virtual services, large databases and much more. With so much of the business world being online in the modern age, data centers are more important than ever to keep up with the vast amounts of data being processed in the blink of an eye. A data center must contain adequate storage, power and carefully temperature-controlled environments with cooling systems to make sure all the elements can function correctly without losing power or overheating. Data centers often house many backup components and are protected by several layers of security measures, highlighting just how important the smooth running of the data center is to modern-day businesses.

Most businesses and organisations require data centers in order to process their data quickly and efficiently, and in the past this would have required the business to have their own large on-site data center, taking up significant amounts of office space. With the recent shift to cloud-based systems, most businesses now use off-site data centers; dedicated buildings and compounds either shared with other businesses or privately owned. An off-site data center is now much more efficient than an on-site one, able to keep up with high-speed data processing, but choosing a micro data center for your business could improve efficiency even further. Usystems micro data centers take up less than one square meter of floor space and are easy to maintain, looking after their own ambient environment. The closer a business is to its data center, the less latency it will experience. Micro data centers provide efficient edge computing solutions for your business, reducing latency, improving bandwidth usage and increasing processing speed so that your business can run at maximum efficiency.

We understand how important it is for modern businesses to have lightning-fast access to their vital data. We provide data center solutions for organisations and businesses of all sizes, and our micro data center edge computing solutions could take your business productivity to the next level, increasing processing speed without taking up huge amounts of office space like the data centers of the past. Whatever your needs, our cutting edge data center cooling and storage solutions keep your data moving swiftly with minimal environmental impact.

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