a micro data center

Many businesses today rely on using the cloud to connect to data centers to handle large amounts of important data, but are more frequently experiencing problems with slow data transfer. However, businesses are beginning to benefit from installing a micro data center in their premises to combat this issue. Having an on-site data center may seem like a thing of the past, but micro data centers are a modern innovation that seamlessly connects businesses and organisations to cloud data centers without latency, delays or issues.

Data centers are central to almost everything we do in today’s technological era, fuelling instant data transfer in a wide range of industries from health to transport to E-commerce. Larger businesses often own and manage their own large data centers, but cloud technology has enabled smaller businesses to access a data center remotely and benefit from powerful data processing without needing their own infrastructure. Although data can now be transferred around the world at incredible speeds, the demand on data centers has led to increases in delays. With more and more data centers being built, the data center that your business accesses can often be miles from your site of business or even on another continent, giving data a further distance to travel and causing inevitable lag and latency. However, this can be solved with the use of a micro data center, also known as an Edge data center, which acts as a bridge between the business and the cloud data center. Micro data center solutions give businesses the ability to carry out complex data processes at the user end that they previously would not have had the capacity to do, which means that reliance on the cloud data center is reduced. Overall, this increases the businesses data processing capability and eliminates latency problems, leading to quicker response times and more productive working.

Unlike the large and expensive on-site data centers of the past that consumed high amounts of energy, micro data centers are small and efficient. Micro data centers take up just one square meter of floor space and require no infrastructure, and so can easily be installed into existing office space without needing their own dedicated room or building. They also require minimum intervention and upkeep, negating the need to hire specialised staff for maintenance and allowing your business to focus time and expenses elsewhere. Our range also includes micro data centers that can manage their own climate, ensuring they are always efficiently cooled and aren’t wasting excess energy, and soundproof micro data centers to minimise on disruptions.

We provide data center solutions for businesses and organisations worldwide. If you want to reduce latency issues and improve productivity in the workplace, enabling advanced user end data processing with a micro data center could be the solution for you. USystems are dedicated to creating innovative data center technology that reduces environmental impact, and our micro data centers are designed to be energy efficient without compromising on data processing power, as well as being compact and unobtrusive.

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